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Ikea kitchen cabinets can be found in a lot of kitchens these days, but if you have an Ikea Faktum kitchen and you need to replace the cabinet doors, you’ve got no chance of doing so through Ikea themselves. The Ikea Faktum kitchen cabinets range was discontinued some years ago and was replaced by the new Metod range. These Ikea kitchen cabinets while similar, are not identical, which unfortunately means the cabinet doors made for the Metod Ikea kitchen cabinets, can not be installed on the Faktum Ikea kitchen cabinets. So where do you go from here?


If you want to keep the Ikea kitchen cabinets and just want to replace the doors and maybe even hardware, then you need to find a custom made kitchen cabinet door supplier like The Kitchen Door Company, who can manufacture you custom made doors to suit. The Kitchen Door Company has all the sizes and drilling sorted out so all you need to do is match up your sizes to the ones online and select which style doors you would like. How easy is that?


Even if you have an Ikea Metod Kitchen, and would like to upgrade the doors to something new, then The Kitchen Door Company is the place for you. Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or and our friendly team will be happy to help!