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Are you looking to replace your Ikea Cabinet Doors? Replacing your Ikea cabinet doors is a smart and affordable option if your cabinets are still in great condition, and rather than having to do a full remodel you can change the look of your whole space by just replacing the doors. 

Ikea can be a great option when you’re after cost-effective cabinetry, however, Ikea doors have a limited range when it comes to materials and colours. You may think you have to go directly through Ikea to get new Ikea cabinet doors, but this isn’t the case. There are companies that are able to manufacture custom doors to suit Ikea cabinetry such as The Kitchen Door Company. This means you’re able to remove your old doors and replace them with new ones whilst also having the option to choose between a wider variety of materials and colours! 

Custom-made Ikea doors are perfect if you have an Ikea FAKTUM kitchen. After more than 20 years, in 2013 the Ikea FAKTUM range was replaced with the new METOD range, so if you have an IKEA kitchen that you purchased or installed before 2013, you most like have Ikea kitchen cabinets from the discontinued FAKTUM range. Unfortunately, none of the size or drilling locations are the same on the METOD range meaning if you have an Ikea FAKTUM kitchen, you are no longer able to get replacement doors from Ikea. 

However, there’s no need to worry! Thanks to custom-made doors, you can have new doors made to suit your Ikea FAKTUM cabinets without having to replace your whole kitchen.

The Kitchen Door Company began replacing a lot of Ikea FAKTUM doors for clients and wanted to make this process as easy as possible. To do this, The Kitchen Door Company compiled a menu of all the standard Ikea FAKTUM door sizes and drilling which allows you to choose from their own range of profiles but also gives you the freedom to choose from a wider variety of materials, profiles, and colours! 

Getting custom-made Ikea cabinet doors for your FAKTUM or METOD kitchen means you have a large variety of choices when designing your space, while Ikea has a cost-effective range available, you are limited with the amount of door style options you can choose from compared to custom doors. When going for custom-made doors you will have a variety of options such as; Vinyl Wrapped, Melamine, Acrylic, Painted or Raw MDF. With so much choice you will be able to choose the right doors to suit your budget, timeframe, and style. Remember to consider how much wear and tear your kitchen will be exposed to on a daily basis. For example, if you have a large family and are finding your kitchen is constantly getting dirty, you may want to opt for a product that is going to be easy to clean as well as hardwearing. 

Once you’ve chosen your material you can begin exploring door profiles and colour options. If you want to keep your doors the same as your original Ikea doors, or perhaps you’re only changing one or two door fronts then we have the Ikea profiles available! But maybe you want to have a change and create a whole new feel with a different door profile. When it comes to colours there is a limitless range available, with many colours to choose from you could really make a difference to your Ikea kitchen cabinets. If you feel your kitchen is looking a bit dull then why not start experimenting with colour palettes? You could go for something bright and fun to lift the mood or you could choose multiple colours to use in your space, perhaps a two-toned kitchen would suit you well. 

You can head straight to our website where we have all the Ikea sizes listed out for you, so all you need to do is match up the sizes with your current doors to the ones online. These doors come pre-drilled to match your hinge locations on your Ikea cabinets as well as your drawer kits, so it’s as simple as attaching them and off you go! Once you have found your size, select which style of doors and design you would like and we’ll do the rest – it’s that easy! If you’re not keen on measuring or installing your doors yourself, don’t worry we can help! Our talented cabinet makers can do this all for you, making the process even easier for you. 

If you would like more information on replacing your Ikea kitchen cabinet doors, contact The Kitchen Door Company. We offer custom doors for your Ikea Metod and Faktum cabinets. We also offer a unique service where you can bring your original kitchen cabinet doors into us and we’ll measure and create brand new doors with the exact specification as your old ones and you can choose to add new hinges too! 

Not 100% sure about using Ikea, standard cabinets for your kitchen? You can also check out our sister company eKitchens, where all our cabinetry is custom-made to suit your kitchen space. 



The Kitchen Door Company prides itself on producing high-quality, Australian-made doors at a very affordable rate. Contact us at 08 9456 3108 or where one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you.