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Splashback panels are a vital element of your kitchen design. Not only do kitchen splashbacks add colour and texture to your decor, but also enhance functionality to make cleaning splashes and spills easier. However, When considering your splashbacks, you need to think about how you will incorporate your electrical outlets to avoid an unsightly spot on your pristine aesthetic.

Consider Pop Up Outlets

If you don’t want to compromise the aesthetic of your kitchen splashbacks, you may wish to consider pop up outlets. This type of outlet allows you to keep them out of sight, but readily available when needed. Pop up outlets can be installed into your base cabinetry or in the side of an island to ensure that you have electric outlets as and where you need them.

Outlet Strips

Another way to avoid putting outlets into your splashback panels is to install outlet strips along the underside of your wall mounted cabinets. This is relatively easy to accomplish, and you can install strips where they will not be seen, but allow easy access. This technique means that you won’t actually see your outlets unless you are bending down and looking up underneath your wall cabinets. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but you can run the cord of any countertop appliances right up to the outlet to avoid tangles or the cord being splattered with any spills.

Horizontal, Low Outlets

If you do want to install your outlets into your blank kitchen splashback panels, you may want to consider placing your outlets horizontally and lower than normal. Placing the outlets along the lower edge of your splashback can help the outlets to disappear into your kitchen decor.

Incorporate a Charging Station

When you think about outlets creating an eyesore in your kitchen decor, it is not usually the outlet itself that causes the problem, but rather the items plugged into the outlet. While small appliances such as coffee makers can hide the outlet being used, this is not the case with many things. If you use your kitchen outlets to charge smartphones, tablets and other media, it can end up with a tangle of unsightly cables. Fortunately, you can avoid this mess by creating a charging station. You can have a drawer fitted into your cabinetry that has an outlet at the back. This will allow you to have a safe surface to charge your items while keeping everything neat and tidy.

Install a Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is another great way to hide outlets and keep smaller appliances neat and tidy. A breakfast nook can be recessed into your cabinetry to keep your coffee maker, toaster, microwave hidden. You can also create a space for bowls and cereals to make your morning routine simple and easy.

If you want help deciding on your kitchen splashbacks and how to incorporate your outlets, you should speak to us. We offer a wide variety of splashback panels, and our team members are on hand to answer any queries and help you plan your dream kitchen.