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When it comes to choosing your new kitchen cabinet doors, the options are endless and can sometimes become a little overwhelming trying to decide which product is right for you. You need to consider what environment they will be going in, will it be a house with indoor pets or young children, or teenagers who can be a bit messy/rough? Each product has their own pro’s and con’s so keep reading if you’re not sure what door product is going to work for you.


Laminated Cabinet Doors

Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we offer 3 ranges of laminated doors & drawers; Formica, Laminex and Polytec. These ranges are great for colour selection, particularly if you are hoping to have some woodgrain doors in your kitchen. There is an extensive range of colours from plain colours, patterned, wood grain and even textured. These products are also often more affordable than most other products, especially the Formica range. The downside of laminated doors is that they can only be flat (no profile on the face) and they also come with a ABS edging strip on the 4 edges which sometimes can be unappealing to people.


Acrylic Cabinet Doors

Acrylic is a hardwearing product and one that might be more desired by those who live in a house where the kitchen gets a bit of rough treatment from teens or children and pets. A polishing kit for acrylic can be purchased which can help buff out small scratches. The colour selection in Acrylic is quite limited though and you are un-able to have any profiles on the face of these doors/drawers. Acrylic also has an ABS edging strip applied to all edges.


Vinyl Wrap Cabinet doors

Vinyl wrap is one of the most popular products for cabinet doors and a more affordable option than paint, while still giving you the clean look of a painted door.

The vinyl is a thin sheet that is glued and heat pressed onto the doors, wrapping the face and edges in one. This means you end up with a more seamless look compared to laminated or acrylic cabinet doors. The great thing about vinyl wrapped doors is that you can have profiles on the faces and edges of your doors and with a great colour range to choose from, chances are you can achieve that kitchen style you dream of with Vinyl wrapped doors.

As all products do, Vinyl wrap has a life expectancy and sadly over time the colour in the vinyl wrap might start to yellow or fade once the life expectancy has been exceeded.


Painted Cabinet Doors

Our painted cabinet doors are manufactured using 2-pac polyurethane paint providing a superior finish compared to all other products. The 2-pac paint is a thick, high quality paint and is sprayed on the face and edges giving you a seamless look like the vinyl wrap. The excellent thing about painted cabinet doors is that it can achieve whatever colour your heart desires due to the Match-to-sample option along with the endless colour options already available in Paint. Unfortunately with these great qualities do come the downside of the fact it is paint, and paint as we know it, can chip. Touch-up kits are available to purchase with your doors though for when this may happen.

 All our cabinet doors are manufactured here in W.A using Australian MR (moisture resistant) MDF substrates and with over 500 designs and colours available we are sure to have the door design you’re after.

Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or and our friendly staff will be happy to help answer any questions you may have or provide you with a quote for your project