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Ikea can be a great option when you're after cost-effective cabinetry, however Ikea doors have a limited range when it comes to materials and colours, but here comes the good news... You can order Custom Made doors to suit your Ikea Cabinets!

If you're looking to purchase doors for your new Ikea cabinets or wanting to update your old Ikea doors - custom doors is the way to go! With so many material and colours options available you can bring your dream Kitchen to life.

Here is some information on the different materials you can choose from when getting Custom Ikea Doors:

ABS Melamine Doors

Melamine Doors are a great cost effective option when it comes to getting new custom doors. Laminex and Formica doors come in 16mm thick with matching 1mm ABS Edging on all edges to complete an almost seamless look. Melamine doors are highly durable and with over 100 modern and traditional colours to choose from Melamine doors can be a great option when purchasing Custom Ikea Doors.

Acrylic Doors

Looking for Ultra Gloss when it comes to your new cabinet doors? Then Acrylic might be the option for you; Acrylic gives you an un-matched finish when it comes to their Ultra-High Gloss and TruMatte Finishes.  With a great range of colours Acrylic doors will give you a fresh and modern look without breaking the budget!

Vinyl Wrapped Doors

Vinyl Wrapped doors have come a long way over the years and are one of the top options when it comes to replacing Ikea doors. Vinyl has a wide range of colours and finishes such as Breeze, Satin & Gloss; with hundreds of different door styles you can express your personal style through your Kitchen. 

Painted Doors

When it comes to Painted doors you have endless colour choices which you can pair with your favourite door design to create a truly unique space. Painted is a premium option and can be more expensive when it comes to getting custom doors as the process is more labour intensive, however if you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can purchase custom Raw MDF doors and Paint them yourself.


With all these options available why wouldn’t you go custom when looking at Ikea doorsThe Kitchen Door Company offers custom doors to suit Ikea Metod and Ikea Faktum cabinets which can be ordered from the comfort of your own home making ordering custom doors easier than ever!