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Ikea kitchen cabinets come is set sizes and with only a few set designs to choose from for the doors, so what do you do if none of those few options are to your liking? Can you get that Designer kitchen look while still using Ikea kitchen cabinets? The answer is yes!


There are many custom made cabinet door manufacturers that can supply you with doors to suit Ikea kitchen cabinets. The Kitchen Door Company is an Australian made custom door manufacturer and specialises in manufacturing custom doors to suit your Ikea kitchen cabinets. The best part is how simple it is, all the sizing and drilling details are already worked out for you. You just match up your sizes and get to the fun stuff like picking your colours and designs!


If you’re on the hunt for top of the range painted doors in a Shaker style profile or even if you’re just after something simple and sleak but want quality doors that will last, then The Kitchen Door Company is the best place for you to start looking. The Kitchen Door Company prides themselves on producing high quality doors and at an affordable rate too!


The doors and drawer fronts to suit Ikea, come predrilled to match your hinging locations or drawer kits and can even come supplied with new hinges and drawer kits as well if you like!

Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or and our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you might have or assist with getting a quote arranged for you.