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Laminated doors used to be one of the very few products available for kitchen cabinet doors and a lot of people would find that the ABS edging would start to peel off the edges down the track. Thankfully Laminated doors have come a long way since those days and the quality of this product has improved so much and will last a lot longer now. Sadly though, as a lot of people have experienced this issue in the past, most people do not realise how much this product has improved and will often try to avoid going for laminated doors again when renovating. If you are one of those people and would like to replace your old cabinet doors with a different product, then there are plenty of other great options available for you.


If you wish to steer clear of ABS edging on your doors all together, then the vinyl wrapped option is where you should start looking. Vinyl wrapped doors are usually made out of MDF with a sheet of vinyl glued and heat pressed onto the face and edges of the door in one sheet. This means the edges look seamless in comparison to laminated doors and there is no need for the ABS edging. An added bonus is that you can also have profiles on the face of your doors as well with this excellent product.


The next option would be your painted cabinet doors, these doors are professionally spray painted on the face and edges giving you that seamless look like the vinyl wrapped doors do. The downside with paint is usually it is a bit higher in the price range compared to vinyl wrapped cabinet doors because of how labour intensive it is. There is also the point to consider that paint is known to scratch or chip if knocked. Vinyl wrap is more durable in comparison to paint.


There are other options such as Acrylic cabinet doors but this product does also require an ABS edging strip like your laminated doors do. Acrylic is known to be a hardwearing product which is produced in large colour-board sheets, which get cut down to your required sizes before a matching ABS edging strip is applied to the four edges, much like your laminated doors.


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