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When it comes to choosing your new kitchen cabinet doors there are lots of things to consider. You’ll find the options are endless and can sometimes be overwhelming if you haven’t purchased new cabinet doors before or it’s been a long time since your kitchen has been upgraded. You will need to consider what product will work best with your lifestyle, if you need new hardware, if your cabinet carcass is still in good condition or if you need to replace the whole cabinet. It can be easy to just choose the doors you like the look of most, but it is important to think about these factors that go into getting the right doors for you. 


Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we offer a variety of products to make finding that perfect door for you a little bit easier. You can choose between, painted, vinyl wrap, acrylic, laminate or raw MDF for your kitchen cabinet doors. There are pros and cons to each product and it’s important to choose the one that works best for your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children, pets or teens, acrylic doors are probably best for you as they are a hardwearing product that can have small scratches buffed out by using a polishing kit. On the other hand, if you don’t have children or pets to consider, perhaps a painted door will take your fancy. With painted doors, you can spruce up your kitchen by bringing in a bit of colour and thanks to the match-to-sample option you can achieve whatever colour your heart desires. To compare the different types of cabinet doors available in more detail, you can check out our previous blog 'What is the best door for you?' which will tell you the pros and cons of each product. 

Carcass condition

Before purchasing your new kitchen cabinet doors you need to ensure that it is only your doors that need replacing and not the whole cabinet. In order to decide, you will need to evaluate your cabinets thoroughly and make sure the carcass isn’t water-damaged, rotted, mould damaged or generally starting to fall apart. Another thing to consider, is if the previous cabinets purchased were made from low-quality materials it may be best to replace the whole cabinet. As otherwise, you may face further issues down the line when trying to install your new doors, such as creating crumbling holes when installing new hinges due to the lack of quality in the particle board. 


When choosing your new kitchen cabinet doors it is easy to forget about the finishing touches until later down the line. However, sometimes your choice of handles can affect the door profile or colour you choose so it is important to consider this early on in the decision and make sure your handles of choice work well with not only your chosen doors but also other factors of the room. There are lots of handles to consider so be sure to have a good look at the different colours and styles available. As well as handles there are drawer kits and hinges to think about. If your drawer kits are old and starting to break and your hinges are starting to show their age through rust and stiffness it would make sense to replace these at the same time as replacing your doors. Whilst upgrading these elements in your kitchen you can also look at the popular options of soft close drawers and doors as well as push-to-open. These options are well sought after and highly desired, not to mention they are a lot more affordable these days so perhaps they could be the finishing touch you need to complete your kitchen cabinets. 



When it comes to replacing your kitchen cabinet doors it is important to consider the installation process and whether you are happy to do this yourself or if you would like to have someone do this for you. Installing kitchen doors can be a straightforward task if you are handy with a screwdriver, but if this isn’t your forte then perhaps you would rather let someone else do it. This can also be the case when measuring your existing doors prior to ordering your new ones. The last thing you want to do is get your measurements wrong and end up with door and drawer fronts that don’t fit your kitchen cabinets and therefore have wasted money on items you cant use. Again, you have the option to measure these yourself or get someone to measure them for you. At The Kitchen Door Company, we offer both a measuring and installation service where our experienced cabinet makers will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to just enjoy the finished product. 



Although low price tags can be very appealing it is important to consider the effect this will have on the quality of the product. Regardless of how much money you spend, you don’t want your new doors to have a very short lifespan and result in you needing to replace them in the near future. Make sure you do your research on the products each company offers and look at reviews for some of the products, this will give you a better insight into the company and hopefully allow you to find a company that offers good quality products within your price range. 



Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we would be delighted to assist you in ordering your new kitchen cabinet doors online. All our pricing is live which means you can jump onto straight away and get an idea of how much your new kitchen cabinet doors will cost. 

If you are unsure about how to measure your existing doors or don’t feel confident quoting through the website, contact us at (08) 9546 3108 or email today and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to order your new doors.