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You’re considering all the Kitchen accessories you’ll need for your Kitchen renovation, one accessory that seems to be overlooked frequently is the trusty bin. Your bin is something that is used on a day to day basis, so here are 5 reasons to get a Pull Out Bin for your Kitchen.


1. Out of Sight

No one enjoys looking at rubbish, and when you’re also dealing with recycling you can end up with a pile of empty bottles and cartons on your bench top making your Kitchen looking messy. However, a pull out bin can keep everything out of sight. These types of bins allow for rubbish and recycling keeping everything tucked away neatly, but within easy reach.


2. Odour Control

One of the significant issues with Kitchen bins is the smells that can linger in the room. This smell can make your room feel unclean, even if you are frequently emptying your bin. Pull Out Bins come with sealed lids alongside being concealed in your cabinet they hold in any odours keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.


3. Ease of Use

Cleaning up the kitchen is never a fun task and while you try to collect all the bits into a pile to carry to the bin you’re likely to end up with more bits on the floor then in the bin. If you set up your Pull Out Bin below your prepping and chopping zone you can easily sweep any bits directly into your bin.


4. Seamless Integration

Since a pull out bin is simply a drawer, they are easy to integrate into your kitchen cabinetry. The Pull Out Bin can be faced with a front that matches the cabinetry next to it making your bin seamlessly blend into your Kitchen.


5. Easy Waste Sorting

Recycling can be an annoying task with bottles and items left to be sorted until rubbish day. Fortunately, with Pull Out Bins you can easily sort your waste. You can have pull out bins with multiple compartments making it easier to separate your general rubbish from your recycling. Some Bin models also have up to four compartments so you can separate items you want to compost.


Overall we think Pull Out Bins are a great option for your Kitchen. if you are planning on updating your Kitchen or looking for some Kitchen accessories get in contact with The Kitchen Door Company, we offer a wide selection of accessories, doors, and bench tops. Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or