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If your kitchen is looking tired and dated or it simply isn’t practical to use anymore, it’s time to make a change. A great kitchen can represent a substantial investment, but the expense can sometimes be offset with cabinet refacing. Keeping your existing frame may be possible, but there are other scenarios where you may have to replace your kitchen cabinets entirely with custom or semi-custom units. At The Kitchen Door Company, we can help you to evaluate your cabinet frames to help you make the right decision. In this article, we will look at four important criteria that need to be evaluated.


1. The Kitchen Cabinets are Too Cheap


If you moved into a home that had cheap low grade kitchen cabinets installed, you may already know that resurfacing them isn’t a realistic option. In some cases, the entire cabinet could be made from particle board or other low grade materials. It is possible to reinforce a cheaper cabinet frame and use a double lamination process to resurface it. However, the skeleton of the cabinet needs to be solid, and in most cases, the cost of this work would be prohibitive, and it would be a better idea to invest that money into new cabinets instead.


2. The Cabinet Structure is Badly Damaged


Many homeowners use their kitchen cabinets on a day to day basis, and they may not realise how badly damaged they are under the skin. The kitchen cabinets may appear to be in great shape, but when you look behind or under them, it could be an entirely different story. It’s not unusual to discover mould growth, rotten sections and even pest infestations behind kitchen cabinets. In some cases, the damage may be repairable, and the cabinets could be refaced. But, in other cases, it’s often a better idea to just replace the kitchen cabinets.


3. The New Kitchen Layout will be Radically Different


Cabinet refacing is useful if your kitchen layout is going to retain a similar layout. If you plan on radically altering the layout of your kitchen, it could be difficult to relocate kitchen cabinets and make them fit seamlessly. Some homeowners carry out a partial kitchen remodel; some cabinets stay in the same location, and other parts of the kitchen are moved. In this case, the cabinets that remain could be remodeled, but they would have to be resurfaced to match the new kitchen cabinets. In many cases, it may be a better option to have new cabinets designed to fit the new kitchen layout.


4. The Kitchen Cabinetry is Metal


There was a design trend for metal kitchen cabinets and surfaces because they are durable and reminiscent of a working kitchen that you would find in a restaurant. These units are durable, but they are extremely hard to work with from a resurfacing perspective. In this case, it’s likely that your kitchen advisor will recommend new cabinets and you can even have surfaces that look metallic if you like.


If you’re looking for the best laminated kitchen cabinet panels and frames, get in touch with The Kitchen Door Company for expert help and advice.