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If you have Laminex doors in your home, then you better take time to read this article. Laminex doors are known to be durable, that’s a fact. But for these doors to become more durable and last long, it’s all up to you. Their longevity depends on how you maintain them. The most basic way to take care of your door is cleaning. This article is the ultimate guide to Laminex door maintenance through proper cleaning tips. What are Laminex doors?

What are Laminex doors?

Laminex doors are laminated doors. Laminate sheets are made up of three layers. The bottom layer is a brown paper coated with phenolic resin; the second layer is a paper decorated with the desired pattern, and the third layer is a clear sheet. The second and third layers are both coated with melamine resin. They are more expensive than painted doors but they are very durable. Laminate doors can withstand high volume usage which is best for high-traffic areas. These doors are proven to survive despite any situation. 


The key to their durability is the fact that they are factory finished. Laminex doors are very easy to clean. They should be because most of these doors are installed in high traffic areas; which means they have to be cleaned regularly. This is where laminate doors are better than the painted ones. Too much cleaning can harm the paint and will eventually damage the door because of the chemicals in the cleaning solutions. But when you have a laminex door, you don’t need to worry about it.

Why choose Laminex doors?

Laminex doors do not only look better, they also last longer. High Pressure Laminate is durable and decorative, consistent from run to run. Laminate provides impact and wear resistance to the surface of doors. It also provides added resistance to scratching compared to a veneer door.

Where are Laminex doors usually put up?

Laminex doors are usually installed in areas where there is high-traffic and when they will be used a lot. Some of these areas might be hospitals or schools. They are commonly used in these places because Laminex doors have the ability to withstand weather changes. They do not easily warp when environmental changes happen and on top of that, they are very easy to maintain.

Taking Care of Your Laminex Doors the Right Way

There's a lot of misinformation out there on the internet about how to care for and clean your laminate doors and we know how frustrating that is for you. So we decided to come up with these 10 helpful tips to properly maintain your laminate doors. There are literally thousands of different styles and makes of laminate doors available on the market today. But regardless of which type you have in your home, here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to keep your laminate doors in showroom shape.

How do I take care of My Precious Laminex Doors?

  1. Avoid using sharp objects when cleaning. While Laminex doors can take a lot of wear and tear, they can get scratched by sharp objects. Do not use rough materials such as steel scrubbers to clean them.
  2. Keep them away from sunlight. When Laminex doors are directly exposed to sunlight, their colour fades. To avoid discoloration, keep them away from direct and prolonged sunlight exposure.
  3. Avoid wet wiping. Protect your Laminex doors from excess water when cleaning. Warping is caused by moisture and dampness due to excess water.
wiping cabinet door

4. Clean your doors with water first. It can’t be avoided that some stains can’t be removed by just dusting. Do not resort to commercial liquid cleaners just yet. Maybe these stains can be removed by water. You can use a sponge with warm water and wash soap solution to get rid of the greasy spots and grime on your doors. Always remember to dry the surface immediately to avoid warping.

5. Avoid strong chemicals when cleaning. You should avoid steel wools, bleach or scouring pads if you are to clean your doors. They will only damage your doors instead of making them sparkling clean.

6. Wipe dust regularly. You can actually minimise deeper cleanings when you make it a habit to dust your doors now and then. Grease and oil particles might be on the surface of your Laminex doors which make it easier for dust particles to settle on the surface too. You can use a rag, feather duster or any soft cloth to dust off the door surfaces. Remember to do it gently to avoid unwanted abrasions.

7. Get rid of spills immediately. It is important that you act quickly and wipe off food or drink spills before they could cause more problems.

8. Only use friendly cleaners. You can use any of these mild commercial liquid cleaners: Mr. Muscle Foaming Cleanser, Nifty liquid cleaner or Flash liquid cleaner to get rid of tough stains. They are easy to get and are readily available in your nearest supermarket, hardware and grocery stores.

9. Do not rub the doors too much. Excessive rubbing when cleaning may result in permanent aesthetic damage to your door. Be gentle.

10. The cloth, not the door surface. You should apply the cleaning products to the cloth you will be using and not on the surface of the door that you will be cleaning

Now, when you are too afraid to do the cleaning yourself because you don’t want to commit a mistake, you can always ask for professional help. It might cost you money but you are assured that it will be taken care of carefully. Hiring a professional cleaner to do the job isn’t such a bad idea, especially when the stains on your door are too difficult to remove. They will also see to it that the cleaning products you will be using are not harmful to the material of the Laminex door.

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